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Baking! Cooking!

Over the past few days Lauren and I have been making fairy cakes - like cupcakes but not so deep.  I'd like to share the recipe with you all:

Lauren's Fairy Cakes 

110g Softened Unsalted Butter
110g Caster Sugar
110g Self Raising Flour
2 Medium Eggs
Two drops Vanilla Essence or Extract

For the icing:
100g Icing Sugar (powdery one)
150g Unsalted Butter or just add water until stiff consistency.

Preheat Oven to 180C or gas mark 6

Beat together the butter and sugar and then add the beaten eggs a little at a time with one table spoon of sifted flour each time.  Any flour left afterwards should be folded into the mixture.

Fill cupcake cases 2 thirds full of mixture in a cake tray (you should get about 16 out of this mixture) and then bake them in the middle of the oven for 15-20 minutes.  Remove and leave to cool.

Make the icing with either water or butter, and when the cakes are cold decorate with a blob of icing and maybe some hundreds & thousands or half cherries etc.

Traditionally eaten for tea on Sundays.

Its 5.08am and Ive been up since 4 am. Ooo!  Got this cold that I just cant shake off.  Been nibbling a bit this week and have regained 2 pounds.  Bother!  Oh well back on the wagon as they say.  Thought I would post this link:
They have lots of great recipes and articles.  Country living over here means living in the countryside.  Do any of you have a link to SOuthern living?  I'd be interested to see!

Looking at lovelies to wear - I would like to post this site:
This is where I bought my black velvet coat (which I now have to take in!)
When talking to the lady upon buying, she said she had made hundreds of these!  Probably every goth or medieval maiden in London had one! hee hee! 

And now for something completely different.  I am about to finish 'Frost at Christmas' (Inspector Frost stories).  I have thoroughly enjoyed these books.  The Inspector is truly unique.  I have never seen David Jason play him on TV - should I?  Might change the whole way I see him.  On ljrags  recommendation I have bought two Aunt Dimity books to read.  With me, I read allsorts.  Nothing like a good mystery or a good horror (Ive read all of Richard Laymons books) but sometimes its good to venture outside the usual.  I tried reading 'The glass Books of the Dream Eaters' upon a recommendation from a fellow Highgate Tour guide - but alas I have stuck with it for a few chapters and it failed to grab me - so there it sits, in a pile that will no doubt end up being shipped to anyone who would like it.  Let me know if you would - posting is not a problem!

I still have 'Shadow in the North' starring Billie Piper to watch.  Phillip Pullmans Victorian mystery. The last one was great, and if nothing else the costumes and settings are Victorian eye candy for me :o)

Well off to look at some recipes now - I feel a good cook up coming on - tomorrow!


This is gonna be fun. I ADORE the old "Bewitched"...in fact, odd moment of synchronicity, I bought the first season on DVD just last week. Yay me.

Hello Everyone!

So I've created this community for us ALL to use if we wish.  I hope the name is OK.  Lauren and I love watching the old Bewitched, and I thought the name was rather appropriate.  Comes from a time when women did get together for coffee mornings to chat, bake,craft and generally share chit chat!

Please FEEL FREE to post whatever you want - if you're a writer we'd love to read your fic, or if you make things we'd love to see your creativity!  If you cook we'd love to share your recipes and cooking secrets.  If you want to stand on your soap box or link to something on the web you found interesting, thought provoking or just plain great then please do so.  Likewise if you just want to post your day  - go ahead!

If you want to post more than two biggish pictures, or it's a piece of extra long fiction can you please put them behind a LJ cut.  Thanks!

Looking forward to this.  Have a good day girls!

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